All Inclusive Meal Plan

Mount Bohemia’s all inclusive Meal Plan includes:


A buffet with choices of fresh fruit, yogurt, bagels, toast, cereal, and milk, juice and coffee.We also offer 2 hot dishes daily such as pancakes and sausage, Quiche, and an Egg, sausage and cheese casserole.

Lunch is packed to go for your activities and consist of:

  • A sandwich or wrap with your choice of meats, cheese, hummus, PBJ, onion,lettuce, tomato, cucumber and condiments.
  • Fresh fruit, chips, carrots, cookies, granola bars and fruit snacks.

Dinner rotates nightly and may be any of the following:

  • Chicken Kabobs cooked on the grill, with fresh vegetables, rice pilaf, salad and dessert.
  • Montgomery Inn pulled Pork on a Ciabatta bun, roasted potatoes, fresh vegetables, salad and dessert.
  • Kobe Burgers on a Ciabatta bun, sauted mushrooms and onions, roasted potatoes, fresh corn or green vegetable, burger toppings, salad*, and dessert**
  • Pasta with Meatballs and homemade sauce, dinner salad, garlic bread and dessert
  • Chicken Fajitas with rice pilaf, peppers, onions, lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream and tortillas, dessert
  • Sliced Brisket with bar-b-que sauce, potato salad, fresh vegetables, dinner salad, dinner rolls and dessert
  • Hawaiian Chicken with vegetables and pineapple served on rice pilaf, salad and dessert.

*various salads such as green dinner salad, potato salad, quinoa, and kale salad

**desserts may be Strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit, apple pie, homemade brownie and ice cream, cheesecake, ice cream and cookies

Vegetarian, Gluten Free and other dietary needs and preferences can be accommodated.